Markilux 6000
Balcony and patio awnings

Cassette awnings
This practical awning style provides the perfect protection for the roller, cover and the complete arm system – because they are all stored in a closed cassette. When retracted, the moving arm part closes and seals the cassette: meaning that foul weather, wind and dirt stay out – and your markilux remains as attractive as it was on the day you bought it. Cassette awnings are the perfect choice if you want to provide the best protection for your favourite place in the world.

markilux 5010

A popular classic.

Elegant cassette awning for large, deep balconies and patios.


markilux 990

An impressive highlight.

The delicate markilux in a cassette. Small, modern, functional and also suited if you have little space.

Markilux 5010     markilux 990  

markilux 6000

Has many faces.

Innovative master or metamorphosis with a personal touch in the Club, Studio and Lounge style lines.


markilux ES-1

Style icon with particular chic.

The only awning in the world completely made of semi-matte brushed V4A stainless steel! 

   Markilux ES-1

markilux 6000    


markilux pavilion

The trick with the kink.

The first awning that allows the centre to be raised into an apex for improved rainwater drainage.


markilux 1650

Prolongs the day.

Apart from the swivelling halogen spots integrated in the front profile it is similar to the shapely markilux 1600.

Markilux Pavillion     Markilux 1650 with lights  

markilux 1710 / 1710 stretch

Striking design, proven technology, elegant appearance.

The elegant cassette awning with bionic tendon


markilux 1700 / 1700 stretch

Perfection in design.

Striking design, proven technology - the elegant open awning.


Markilux 1710
    Markilux 1700  

markilux 3300 / 3300 pur

Compact and robust.

Uncompromisingly practical: Cassette awnings with flush wall connection.


Markilux 3300