Awning Fabric Collection

Which awning fabric is the right one for you?
What colour or pattern really gets your blood rushing?
Under which awning do you feel completely at ease?

Acrylic of sunsilk awning fabrics – plain, striped or
with an exclusive pattern – the range is enormous.
Classic and timeless - acrylic awning covers
Ultrasonic sealing joints

Increased use of motorisation in awning systems has placed higher stress levels on fabric covers through increased rates of operation. In the case of sewn fabric covers this can result in weakened seams that can eventually wear. To counter this issue, markilux has pioneered the ultrasonic adhesive sealing – an adhesive to weld fabric covers. This newhigh compression technology utilises a highly concentrated surface adhesive to join the length of fabric covers, replacing the need for double stitched seams.


  • High compression overlap bond enhances durability and strength
  • Improved appearance of a taut cover
  • No fraying of threads through wear and tear
  • Heat, cold and water resistant
  • No unsightly threads and pin holes
  • UV stable under normal conditions reducing premature aging through UV radiation or environmental influences on a stitched cover
  • Available on all markilux awnings with the exception of the conservatory awnings
  • Suitable for all Swela Sunsilk, Acrylic and Transolair fabric covers
Awning fabrics produced from spun-dyed acrylic yarn are the most widely processed fabrics in Europe. Their material features and special surface finishes, which protect against dirt and staining, have been thoroughly tried and tested.
  • Colour and lightfast in accordance with ISO 105/B02 for plain fabrics and stripes achieving values of 7 to 8 on a scale of 8
  • Weatherproof in accordance with ISO 105/B04 for plain fabrics and stripes achieving values of 7 to 8 on a scale of 8
  • Tear proof and resistant to rot
  • Resistant to all environmental influences o Insensitive to temperature fluctuations
  • Waterproof and fast drying
  • Low maintenance
A result of three years in research and development, Swela Sunsilk SNC (Swela Nano Clean) is a milestone in external textile development. This silky high-tech polyester based fabric provides a self-cleaning ‘finish’ that enables the fabric cover to permanently repel dirt, grease, oil and water, which not only ensures its long lasting radiant colour but also a low maintenance awning for life.
Sunsilk SNC awning fabrics

A light, silky fabric woven from high-tech polyester that gives brilliant colour and light. The markilux exclusive Signature collection features the extraordinary self-cleaning “finish” that repels dirt, grease, oil and water, ensuring low maintenance and a radiant lasting colour.
Signature – timeless elegance.


  • Coated with a finish (nano-coating) to permanently repel dirt, grease, oil and water
  • Ensures long lasting original colour
  • Polyester fabrics with silky appearance and feel
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Maximum UV-weather protected while allowing in luminescent light
  • Low maintenance - Rain water will wash away any dirt or dust
  • Available in a wide range of subtle and vibrant plain and patterned colours
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