Award-winning awnings from markilux

Cassette Awnings

This stylish product is a Awnings of Ireland best seller, providing not only the perfect look for your home but also the ultimate weather protection for your awning. All parts of the system are housed in a closed aluminum cassette casing, ensuring that your awning stays as attractive as the day you bought it. This awning is perfect to put in the areas of the home which are more exposed to the elements.

Markilux 990

Semi-Cassette Awnings

Semi-cassette awnings are a prize-winning product from Awnings of Ireland as their appearance when closed is similar to a cassette awning. It incorporates a pre-assembled top gutter system which provides additional protection to the roller mechanism. However, the underside of the semi-cassette remains open as the all round protection provided by the cassette awning is not always required.

Complete Shade Awning

For complete protection out of the sun's blinding rays on those hot summer days nothing beats relaxing outdoors with a breeze blowing through your fully-shaded Awnings of Ireland awning.

 Benefits included:

  • Harmful UV rays completely blocked out
  • Extra privacy for overlooked gardens
  • Additional heat with an awning heating and lighting system

Gable Shaped Awning

This gable shaped awning can be used in a classic way, or it can be easily transformed into a pitched awning that will allow for increased benefits including:

  • Additional sun protection from the side
  • Easy water run-off allowing for wet weather use
  • Higher walk-under height in the centre
Simple to use, the Awnings of Ireland gable shaped awning utilises a solid joint mechanism in the centre that when pushed upwards, locks the device into place with ease.


Open style folding arm awning

The pitch angle of most sun awnings is set at the time of installation but with Awnings of Ireland’s unique pitch adjustment system you can you can alter your awning angle at any time by simply winding a handle.

Note: Only available on certain
Awnings of Ireland awning products