Infra-red heaters





AMPS8.5 amps12.5 amps17 amps
MOUNTING HEIGHT1.9-2.5m2.1-2.5m2.5m
HEATS UP TO2.5m x 2.5m3m x 3m4m x 4m




AMPS21.2 amps25 amps34 amps
MOUNTING HEIGHT2.5m2.75m – 3m3-3.5m
HEATS UP TO4m x 4m4.5m x 4.5m5m x 5m

Cosy warmth when it starts to get cooler.

Feel the warmth immediately and enjoy more of the evening.

  • A pleasant warm sensation with no heating-up phase in combination with an agreeable lighting ambiance!
  • An attractive, unobtrusive housing design in aluminium, powder coated to match that of your markilux awning
  • The heater can stay in place all year round - the housing is weather proof and splash proof (IP 24)
  • Save as much as 30% on energy costs in comparison with gas or quartz radiating heaters
  • Average lamp life approximately 5000 hours
  • Available with radio remote-control operation
High efficiency thanks to directionally radiated heat

Enjoy more of your evening in gloriously warm and pleasant lighting conditions!

Feel the heat straight away - no warming-up phase.

Evenly distributed and constant warmth under your awning within an area of 9-12 m2.

No heat loss as a result of draughts.

Easy, variable installation to the wall or with brackets specific to each markilux awning type. The heater direction can be adjusted via the fixture bracket.

Technical data
Power supply:
230 V / 50 Hz
1400 W
Protection class:
IP 24
460 x 145 x 75 mm
approx. 2.5 kg

Wind Sensor

Thanks to the light and wind sensor you can just lean back and watch how your markilux reacts: If the weather changes, the automatic sensor triggers the right reaction. Your markilux will extend automatically as soon as the sun appears or retract into its cassette - of its own accord - if the wind picks up significantly.

Light and wind sensors are particularly practical, if you wish to protect indoor furnishings from fading or to prevent the interior of the house heating up excessively. This comfort is particularly recommended for living and sleeping spaces - turn your markilux into your "weather butler"!

Wireless transmission technology for dynamic wind loads. Battery powered so no power supply or cabling required. It can be fixed to the inside or outside of the front profile (depending on the awning model) without requiring a power supply cable. Different levels of sensitivity are available. Both the markilux Vibrabox using 433 MHz technology and the markilux Vibrabox plus using 868 MHz technology are compatible with the corresponding radio-controlled motors (please consult the accessories optionally available with each awning model). They are available in an anthracite or white finish.