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At Artola, we believe it is fire that brings people together outdoors. Fire provides heat to prepare meals. Fire keeps people warm an creates a cosy ambience. Most of all, though, fire reaches into people’s hearts an rouses their burning desire to reconnect with themselves and each other. Fire kindles the spirit of togetherness.

We have a passion for breathing life into new products that help to provide peaople with a unique outdor culinary experience.


Cover Lid L

224.00 incl. vat @ 23%

The Fiq

fiQ L

1,785.001,935.00 incl. vat @ 23%
2,800.00 incl. vat @ 23%

The Fiq

fiQ M

1,221.00 incl. vat @ 23%

The Fiq

fiQ S

1,250.00 incl. vat @ 23%


Grill plate L

144.99 incl. vat @ 23%
235.00 incl. vat @ 23%



405.00 incl. vat @ 23%



145.00 incl. vat @ 23%


Wok holder

114.99 incl. vat @ 23%
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