Round: 200cm, 220cm

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Round: 300cm, 350cm

Square: 300cm x 300cm

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Round: 300cm, 350cm

Square: 300cm x 300cm

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Square: 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm

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Round: 200cm, 220cm, 250cm, 300cm

Square: 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm

Rectangle: 210cm x 150cm, 250cm x 200cm

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Round: 270cm, 300cm, 330cm

Square: 240cm x 240cm

Rectangle: 210cm x 150cm, 250cm x 200cm

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Round: 300cm, 330cm

Square: 270cm x 270cm

Rectangle: 300cm x 240cm

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Round: 350cm, 400cm

Square: 300cm x 300cm, 350cm x 350cm

Rectangle: 400cm x 300cm

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Round: 300cm, 325cm, 350cm

Rectangle: 285cm x 230cm

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Ambiente Nova

Round: 400cm, 500cm

Square: 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm

Rectangle: 400cm x 300cm, 450cm x 350cm

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Round: 270cm, 300cm, 330cm

Square: 240cm x 240cm

Rectangle: 210cm x 150cm, 250cm x 200cm


Square: 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm

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Square: 300cm x 300cm

Rectangle: 400cm x 300cm

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Castello Pro

Round: 350cm, 400cm, 450cm, 500cm, 550cm, 600cm

Square: 300cm x 300cm, 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm, 450cm x 450cm, 500cm x 500cm

Rectangle: 350cm x 300cm, 400cm x 300cm, 450cm x 350cm, 500cm x 400cm, 550cm x 450cm

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Palazzo Style

Round: 350cm, 400cm, 450cm, 500cm, 600cm

Square: 300cm x 300cm, 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm, 450cm x 450cm

Rectangle: 350cm x 250cm, 350cm x 300cm, 400cm x 200cm, 400cm x 300cm, 400cm x 300cm, 450cm x 350cm

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Palazzo Royal

Round: 700cm, 800cm

Square: 500cm x 500cm, 550cm x 550cm, 600cm x 600cm, 650cm x 650cm, 700cm x 700cm

Rectangle: 600cm x 500cm, 700cm x 500cm, 700cm x 600cm, 800cm x 400cm, 800cm x 600cm

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Palazzo Noblesse

Round: 450cm, Ø500cm, Ø600cm, Ø700cm

Square: 400cm x 400cm, 450cm x 450cm, 500cm x 500cm, 550cm x 550cm, 600cm x 600cm

Rectangle: 450cm x 350cm, 500cm x 250cm, 500cm x 400cm, 550cm x 450cm, 600cm x 300cm, 600cm x 400cm, 600cm x 500cm

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Round: 400cm

Square: 300cm x 300cm, 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm

Rectangle: 400cm x 300cm

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Fortello LED

Round: 400cm

Square: 300cm x 300cm, 350cm x 350cm, 400cm x 400cm

Rectangle: 400cm x 300cm

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Round: 350cm

Square: 250cm x 250cm, 300cm x 300cm, 350cm x 350cm

Rectangle: 300cm x 200cm, 350cm x 250cm

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Fortina Riviera

Round: 250cm, 300cm

Square: 200cm x 200cm, 240cm x 240cm

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Garden Parasols

Patio Parasols

Balcony Parasols


Form follows function

Our Swiss product designers fine-tune all parasol models according to ergonomic principles and develop them precisely according to the motto “form follows function”. The design component is just as important to us as the ergonomics and longevity of our parasols. It is not without reason that we hold the most patents and entries for parasol model and design protection in Europe.

One of the largest parasol ranges in the world

Our comprehensive range includes 19 different parasol models. They are available in different formats, various sizes and in over 70 different shades. With over 20,000 possible combinations, Glatz offers one of the largest parasol ranges in the world. Thanks to our local production facilities in Switzerland, custom sizes and colours in all RAL shades are possible. Just contact us directly to ask about them.

High-quality products and reliable service

Glatz AG deliberately pursues a selective sales strategy. We select our specialist dealers and sales partners according to specific criteria. Specialist dealers are only authorised to sell our products after intensive product training. In this way, we ensure that our customers enjoy high-quality and long-lasting “Made by Glatz” products, expert advice on shading solutions, and optimal aftersales service.

Extensive accessories

We offer an extremely wide range of accessories. It extends from a wide variety of fixation options, protective covers and lighting, through to motorisation, rain gutters and side panels. We optionally supply matching original accessories for each parasol model. These accessories are 100% compatible and ensure perfect fixation and stability. Only if original Glatz accessories are used can we live up to our performance promise.


Our products last for many years. Even after decades, they can be repaired and fitted with new canopies. This also forms part of our understanding of sustainable quality.

Over 125 years of parasol experience

Curiosity, innovation, passion and over 125 years of experience spur us on day after day to be among the best when it comes to superior parasols.

The basics of choosing the right parasol

Here are the 13 most important points to keep in mind when buying a parasol. By observing them, you can be sure of finding the right shading solution for your needs, so that you can enjoy your parasol for many years to come.

Basically, a parasol consists of:

  • a fixation;
  • a mast with a crown;
  • a parasol roof made of fabric

First of all, the right basic parasol model should be found, with the mast type influencing the choice of fixation and parasol roof (size, shape, fabric quality and colour).

We recommend that you consider the following questions before choosing your parasol model:

How large is the area to be shaded?

This will help you choose the right parasol size.

Is my garden more round or rectangular?

The answer to this question will help you choose the shape of the parasol roof (round, square or rectangular). Ideally, the shape of the garden should be reflected in the shape of the parasol and thus reflect the architecture.

Which colour suits my garden and the architectural context?

With some models, the frame is available in different basic shades (natural anodised, powder-coated, anthracite, wood or white). Our recommendation: take your cue from the colour of the window frames so that the parasol blends in well with the overall architectural look.

What do I want to shade – a table, lounge, sunlounger? For tables and lounges, a side-mast parasol is the ideal choice because it works without a central mast, thereby providing plenty of shade. For sunloungers, in contrast, a centre-pole parasol is optimal, as it fits perfectly between two loungers.

Which direction is my shaded area facing? Where is south? Answering these questions is important, because the parasol is usually positioned precisely where shading is to be provided.

What is the nature of the ground? Determining the nature of the ground will provide you with valuable information regarding fixation options: Is it a lawn? If so, we recommend using a lawn spike or ground fixation. Is the ground solid, tiled or concrete? If so, a base or – if the parasol is to be moved around – a roller base is the best choice. Here is an overview of our fixation options. Keep in mind that not every parasol model is suitable for every fixation type. Once you have selected the basic model, the configurator will show you the appropriate fixations for the respective parasol.

Do you have sun in the evening?

If so, we recommend a side-mast parasol (also called a cantilever parasol) that can be conveniently tilted when the sun is low.

Do you want to be able to continuously adjust the parasol to the position of the sun?

If so, a side-mast parasol is a very good choice, as it can be swivelled 360 degrees around the mast. Or does the sun always come from the same side and is the parasol always used at the same time of day?

Will my parasol be placed in a wind-exposed location?

If so, then choose a wind-stable centre-pole or side-mast parasol from our F range. These parasol types are also ideal for roof terraces.

Will the parasol also be used as a privacy screen (e.g. against passers-by or neighbours)?

If so, a side-mast parasol is a suitable choice, because it allows the roof to be easily fixed at an angle. The most flexible parasol, which even allows vertical alignment, is the Pendalex P+ model.

Which colour(s) do I prefer for the canopy? Which colour matches my outdoor furniture and my home?

Here is a complete overview of our fabric colours and quality levels. Generally speaking, the higher the fabric quality, the less susceptible it is to fading and the higher its water repellence and robustness. Glatz lists three fabric qualities (2, 4 and 5) that differ in terms of their characteristics. All three have a good basic quality and UV protection of >98%, which corresponds to a sun protection factor of 50+. It should be noted that a parasol can only protect from direct sunlight. UV rays, however, also reflect from the ground, from building walls and from water surfaces.

What about parasol lighting for cosy evenings?

A number of our parasols have integrated LED lighting. In addition, we also offer our practical and variable LED spotlights. These can be attached to almost any parasol model.

Do I have a suitable protective cover for my parasol?

The right protective cover protects against dirt, prevents fading of the fabric and ensures greater longevity and enjoyment of your high-quality Glatz parasol.

Tip: Make a sketch with measurements, possibly also with a photo of your patio, balcony or garden, mark where south is and take your sketch together with your individual parasol configurator result to your specialist dealer. You can find a list of trusted, authorised Glatz dealers located near you here. We provide regular training to our specialist dealers. With their expert knowledge, they will help you choose the right parasol for you for delivery from our parasol factory in Eastern Switzerland.

70 colours in the highest fabric quality

Whether it’s a centre-pole, centre-mast or side-mast parasol, with a frame made of aluminium or wood: there’s an ideal fabric for each model which perfectly emphasises the design and turns your parasol into an eye-catcher. However, it’s not just the colour but also primarily the fabric quality which is essential for long-term enjoyment of your parasol.

Our colours: from classic pastels to bold brights

The new colour collections “Morning Light” and “Sunset Glow” from Glatz consist of gentle, pastel shades as well as intense colours. We’ve worked with colour experts to select a total of 70 colours in three fabric qualities (fabric classes 5, 4 and 2) which harmonise with the colour trends of contemporary living environments.

3 Fabric Qualities:

Quality 2:

This is a piece-dyed polyester fabric (100%).

  • UV protection: >98 %
  • Lightfastness: 80-160
  • Grammage: 220 g/m2
  • Water-pressure resistance: >100mm

Quality 4:

This is a spun-dyed polyester fabric (100%) made of staple fibre.

  • UV protection: >98 %
  • Lightfastness: 350
  • Grammage: 250 g/m2
  • Water-pressure resistance: >150mm

Quality 5:

This is a spun-dyed polyacrylic fabric (100%).

  • UV protection: >98 %
  • Lightfastness: 350-700
  • Grammage: 300 g/m2
  • Water-pressure resistance: >350mm

The better the fabric quality, the longer you can enjoy your parasol

We select our fabrics according to strict criteria. Our aim is to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your parasol and that you can enjoy its shade for a long, long time. It’s not just the colour and first impressions that matter. All Glatz canopies – regardless of the fabric quality – fulfil the long-lasting canopy standards. They guarantee maximum possible UV protection of more than 98 per cent and very high wind resistance. The fabric qualities differ in terms of the fading resistance of the fabric colour, durability, all-weather protection, as well as the look and feel. The higher the fabric quality, the better the fabric properties.

A higher fabric quality guarantees:

  • longer lasting fabric colour measured by the lightfastness of the fabric
  • improved tear resistance and thus longer material durability, measured by the grammage/density and processing of the fabric
  • higher water repellency of the fabric, measured by the height of the water column of the fabric
  • a more elegant appearance through the use of higher-quality fabrics (fabric quality 5 looks matt and firm, whereas fabric quality 2 looks shiny and light)

When it comes to durability, our polyacrylic awning canopies in fabric quality 5 are the top choice: owing to a special production process, they feature outstanding tear resistance and tension. In addition, a coating is applied during production which prevents the penetration of dirt particles and mould. The fabrics of classes 4 and 2 also impress with great durability as well as considerable tear resistance and tension.

Caring for your Glatz parasol properly


If your parasol is only slightly dirty, you can clean it yourself. The best way to do this is to brush off any dirt when the parasol is dry. Alternatively, you can treat stains with lukewarm water, a soft brush and detergent. Rinse well with clear water afterwards, allow to dry and, if necessary, treat with a commercial impregnating agent. Do not use aggressive detergents. However, if dry cleaning is necessary, we recommend you contact a specialist in cleaning polyester and polyacrylic fabrics. In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Glatz cooperates with the following companies: Schattenwerk (Switzerland)VDS Sonnenschutz (Germany) and SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH (Austria). The Care tips document contains the most important care instructions for your parasol.

Tie the parasol correctly

The parasol should be tied properly in order to avoid clamping and abrasion damage and premature wear due to strong fluttering and flapping of the fabric in the wind.


You can carry out simple repairs yourself. The appropriate spare parts can be found in our web shop. If you cannot find the right spare part in the shop or if the repair is more complicated in nature, please contact one of our trained Glatz sales partners.

Struts/strut ends

Broken or defective roof struts, including strut ends, can generally be replaced on all models. Depending on the parasol model, this calls for basic technical knowledge (garden parasols) or in-depth technical expertise (giant parasols). All the ribs and rib ends that you can easily replace yourself can be found in our shop. If the product you are looking for is not available, please contact one of our dealers.

Teak, eucalyptus wood and ash care

Teak (used for the TEAKWOOD parasol type) is a very robust, weather-resistant material which over time acquires a natural patina (a thin silver-grey layer). This patina can be rubbed off with a scouring pad and some warm water if necessary. If you would like to preserve the original wood colour, you can apply teak oil (available in most hardware stores) to the dry wood. You can leave untreated teak parasols outside in the winter. Oiled teak umbrellas should be stored under cover to protect the surface.


The umbrella frames of the PIAZZINO (eucalyptus wood) and ALEXO (ash) umbrella types are varnished. To maintain a beautiful appearance for as long as possible, the frames should be kept dry. If this is not possible, it is recommended to dry the wood with a soft cloth. Dirt should be wiped off with a damp cloth and the wood then dried with a soft cloth. In all cases, we recommend that you cover the umbrella fabric with a protective cover.


The frame of the AURA side-mast parasol is also made of varnished eucalyptus wood. Because of its size, this parasol can be left outside in any weather, so it is also recommended to keep the frame as dry as possible and to always use the protective cover when not in use. For the wooden frame we provide care instructions with detailed steps for preventive care as well as damage repair.

Eucalyptus wood:

Care of stainless steel and aluminium

Aluminium is a very low-maintenance material. Nevertheless, any dirt should be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried with a soft cloth. The stainless steel used is manufactured in material quality 1.4301 / 304, the industry standard for outdoor items. Since the high-quality stainless steel is constantly exposed to the weather, it should occasionally be maintained to keep it looking like new. Although stainless steel is essentially corrosion resistant, small brown spots may appear on the surface due to salt or chlorine exposure. These do not affect the durability or service life of the product. It is a superficial discolouration that can be easily removed by rubbing with a sponge. When doing so, always gently rub in the direction of the surface treatment. For older stains, we advise treating the material with a stainless-steel cleaning agent.

Winter storage and maintenance

Only materials that meet the industry standard for outdoor items are used in the manufacture of Glatz parasols. Regardless of this high technical standard, weather-related wear and tear effects may occur and cannot be avoided. For the greatest possible protection, we recommend that you store your parasol under cover during the winter months, or that you use an original Glatz protective cover when outdoors.

Fixation possibilities for your parasol

A parasol also requires the right fixation solution. Owners of Glatz parasols who use our original accessories for optimal fixation and stability can be sure that they have made the right choice. Only in this way can the stability be guaranteed in line with our performance commitment, in terms of wind stability and the Glatz warranty. Depending on the situation and place of use, Glatz offers various fixation solutions.

For information on which type of fixation is suitable for the parasol you have chosen, the correct size and also the dimensions, please refer to the relevant product flyer.

Basically, there are three types of parasol stands:

Fixed anchors:

Does the parasol have a fixed place on a terrace that never changes? If so, we recommend that you use a ground socket set firmly in concrete, so that the base doesn’t stick up and become a tripping hazard. For cafés and restaurants in particular, this type of fixation is very useful. Guests and waiting staff can move around freely beneath the parasols and between tables without a base getting in the way.

Mobile fixation solution:

Do you want to be able to adapt your shading to the position of the sun? If so, what you need is a base with castors.


Does your parasol remain in the same place most of the time and does not obstruct any walkways? If so, we recommend using a parasol stand as a base. Bases come in different dimensions, weights and materials.

Fixed anchors:

  • The maximum indicated wind speeds are guaranteed.
  • Ideal when there is no or little space for a base.
  • The anchor is fixed and is level with the ground when the parasol is dismantled. Tripping hazards are thus eliminated.

Ground socket:

Ideal for sinking into the ground

Mounting plate:

Ideal if no ground socket can be set in concrete

Wall console:

Ideal if the parasol is to be mounted on a wall

Mobile fixation options

  • Various bases with castors allow you to easily move the parasol.
  • With this type of parasol stand, the maximum specified wind speeds cannot be guaranteed.
  • On a balcony, a parasol holder can be attached to the balcony railing, called a balcony clamp.
  • For mobile fixation on a lawn, we recommend a lawn spike.

Roller base with decorative plate:

Ideal for small to medium parasols

The smaller bases with castors (55 and 90 kg) are made from concrete and come in the colour beige.

The larger bases with castors (120 and 180 kg) have a galvanised and powder-coated steel frame and are available in anthracite or matt white with weight elements.

The decorative plates come in the colours anthracite, grey and sand. They can be easily interchanged and cleaned.

M4 base:

Ideal for larger parasols

Natural granite base Z

Thanks to built-in castors and an extendable handle, smaller umbrellas can be easily moved to another location.

Lawn spike – a mobile ground spike:

Ideal for fixing small parasols in the grass

Balcony clamp:

Ideal for balconies with a flat handrail


  • The location of the parasol is freely selectable. Compared to a roller base, however, a normal base can only be moved with difficulty.
  • A wide variety of shapes and materials are available (concrete, steel, granite).
  • Maximum wind stability cannot be guaranteed with this parasol stand.

Various base options:

From the left:

  • Z concrete base: 30kg / 40 kg / 70 kg / 90 kg
  • Z steel base: 40 kg / 70 kg
  • Z granite base: 90kg
  • M4 / M8 / M16 socket: 120 – 690 kg

Base covers:

For a more beautiful and harmonious parasol appearance, Glatz offers base covers for bases M4, M8 and M16. The plastic M4 base covers are available in the colours aluminium-anodised as well as anthracite; the M4, M8 and M16 covers are made of aluminium and are available in light grey and anthracite as standard, and can be ordered in all RAL colours.

A parasol with LEDs will extend your day

With an LED parasol, your lovely get-together needn’t end with the setting of the sun. The parasol lighting will create an atmospheric ambience through the late evening hours.

Glatz offers LED lighting in its range both as a retrofittable, mobile accessories and as a solution integrated into the shade. While the mobile Osyrion LED spots can be flexibly attached to any parasol model, there are also parasol models where the lighting is integrated directly into the parasol and which – depending on the model – allow power supply with a rechargeable battery or fixed wiring.

Osyrion Spots – retrofittable, mobile LED spots

With a battery life of up to 10 hours, easy fastening options and a remote control that dims to five different levels and controls the lights, the Osyrion lights are perfect for every parasol and any garden. The Osyrion spotlights are compatible with all Glatz parasol models and are available in packs of 2 or 4 from our online shop or specialist.

Glatz Parasol LED Models

Apart from transforming your garden into a comfortable oasis of happiness, an LED parasol by Glatz will also invite your guests to enjoy the outdoor space on a balcony, patio in a hotel or restaurant.

Glatz offers two types of parasols with integrated LEDs:

BATTERY-operated (Model: FORTELLO LED)

With power supply (Model: AMBIENTE Nova, CASTELLO® Pro; PALAZZO® Style, PALAZZO® Noblesse, PALAZZO® Royal)

The simplest option is certainly a power supply for the parasol lighting via cable. In the case of new plans and installations, the power supply can easily be realised via a floor socket beneath the parasol pole. However, this could be too complicated for existing buildings. In that case, the battery solution may be the better option.

Here is an overview of how Glatz parasols with LED differ in terms of lighting:

FORTELLO® LED: Dimmable LED strips with BATTERY pack integrated in ribs. Colour temperature approx. 2700 K (warm white), 3200 lumen, lighting duration at recommended brightness: 10 h. included in the scope of delivery.

AMBIENTE Nova: Optionally with direct and indirect LED lighting integrated in the ribs and on the pole, dimmable, power supply via cable.

PALAZZO® Style: Noblesse, Royal: Optionally with direct or indirect LED lighting (RGBW) integrated in the ribs, dimmable, power supply via cable.

CASTELLO® Pro: Optionally with direct and indirect LED lighting (RGBW) integrated in the ribs, dimmable, power supply via cable.

Glatz protective covers for parasols

In our Glatz spare parts and accessories shop, you have the option of ordering your parasol cover directly from the manufacturer. The protective covers are specially designed for Glatz parasols but are an equally suitable solution for protecting parasol models from other manufacturers.

Prolong the life of your parasol

Protection from wind and weather

Glatz only uses weather-resistant materials in its parasols. Nevertheless, without a parasol cover, weather-related wear and tear can occur regardless. If your parasol can’t be kept indoors in winter, a parasol cover will protect it from wind and the elements.

Protection from colour fading

UV rays can change the colour of fabrics. Depending on a fabric’s lightfastness, the colour intensity will fade faster or slower. A parasol cover protects the canopy from UV radiation when not in use, preserving the original colour tone for longer.

Protection from dirt

The use of a parasol cover is a trusted way to protect your parasol from rain, the sun, dust, pollen, dirt, etc. A protective cover also prevents moisture from getting into the parasol, and therefore prevents the formation of stains on the canopy cloth or rod.