Pergola with glass cover Sunlight is designed to perform well in adverse weather conditions: wind-tightness and shelter in case of rain thanks to an integrated frontal water drainage system. It is also able to guarantee load resistance in case of snow. Sunlight becomes an outdoor furniture element and allows you to experience the outdoors even in winter.

It is possible to illuminate the product internally thanks to a system of dimmable LED strips integrated in the ceiling beams, making the product usable at any time of day. SUNLIGHT can be supplemented with an above- and below-roof solar shading system with a shade function.

Thanks to the ROOF TENS model, the rolled-up fabric is completely enclosed in a newly developed technical housing that emphasises its minimalist aesthetics.

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Pergolas Outdoor Sun Rooms
Pergolas Outdoor Sun Rooms
Pergolas Outdoor Sun Rooms

Sunlight Range


  • Can be closed with integrated vertical technical blinds, sliding glazing systems and Roof tens for shading above and below the roof
  • Wall-mounted and free-standing installation is possible
  • A water collection system, perimeter gutters and downpipes, drains water through the columns.

Technical Details